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Kashrut Information

Our business is under the Supervision of Rabbi Sholom Salfer, Rabbi of the Winands Road Synagogue Center.

In order to provide the most transparent information possible about the manufacture of all the products that we carry, we display the manufacturer certification for the item as well for bulk items.

The manufacturer Kosher Certifications of the items that we carry include:

Scroll K - The Vaad Hakashrut of Denver

O K - The Organized Kashrus Laboratories

O U - The Orthodox Union

Star K - The Vaad Hakashrut of Baltimore

CRC - Chicago Rabbinical Council

Vaad Hakashruth of Belgium

Rabbi Eliezer Leiber Shnebulg

BKA - Brazilian Kashruth Authority

MK - Montreal, Quebec

Most of our products are pareve. Milk chocolate is assumed NOT Cholov Yisroel unless otherwise indicated. Baked product is assumed not Pas Yisroel or Yoshen unless otherwise indicated.

Call us with any questions about the kasruth of the products that we carry.

Health Information

Most of our products are Lactose-Free. Pareve indicates that the item is Lactose-Free.

Many of our products are gluten-free. Most of those meeting this dietary requirement are marked appropriately.

We have tried to be as informative as possible in informing visitors about our products that may be free of allergies, particularly nuts and milk. In addition, our line of no sugar added, sugar free, and low carb products is always expanding.

Nutritional information for most items is available upon request.