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Bulk Candy in Manufacturer Sealed Packages

For our US customers only, we offer larger discounts on bulk sized purchases. This is ideal for caterers and others who will need large quantities of candy, gourmet chocolate, and dried fruit and nuts for a simcha or event. The savings is 10-25% off the per pound pricing. In addition, for items manufactured in glutten or nut free factories, this is the ideal purchase method for those with associated allergies.

Please note that while we have many products in stock, we suggest ordering at least 2 weeks before you will need large amounts of our treats.

Swiss Petite Fruits (5 lb Bag) Kosher

Rainbow Chocolate Lentils (10 lb Bag) Kosher

Chocolate Rum Cordials (5 lb Bag) Kosher

Nordic Mints (10 lb Bag) Kosher

Pastel Mint Lentils (10 lb bag) (Kosher)

Rum Cordials (5 lb bag) (Kosher)

Fruit Cordials (5 lb bags) (Kosher)